Programming in C

Table of contents:

  1. Programming in C

Programming in C

The XDK’s application code is based on the programming language C. Knowing the programming language is therefore essential in working with the XDK. Without being able to program, it will be difficult to implement ideas or find even the most trivial errors.

C is the most common low-level programming language used in IT, enabling the programmer to interact with hardware directly. Due to its close proximity to the hardware, the execution speed of the application is as near optimal as it can possibly get. These are the main reasons why C is used whenever complex computations have to be done quickly or when computation resources are very limited.

The latter is the reason why the XDK uses C. The XDK’s hardware setup cannot be changed or upgraded. Every byte of application code has to be properly utilized, which is usually not the case with higher level languages such as Java or Python.

Of course, small applications, with only a multiple hundred lines or code or less, will not run into issues regarding insufficient memory, but the threat is there when the application reaches multiple thousand lines of code.

Learning a programming language, especially C is not an easy task, and a good book is always recommended, but it is made easily accessible by use of internet tutorials and internet searching tools. One such tutorial is Learn C in Y Minutes. While it is not a tutorial in its original sense, it offers a comprehensive overview of the C syntax and the effects of particular statements.

To learn by asking questions, or looking up answers to questions, StackOverflow and C-FAQ are particularly useful. The first is a Q&A website for all programming related questions, including C. The latter is a FAQ website focusing solely on C.