Start building your very first XDK App now!


No need for component selection, hardware selection or the deployment of an operating system. Make use of all of the eight built-in sensors to measure various parameters for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance.

Monitor, control and analyze your data remotely using Bluetooth Low Energy or Wireless Network all running on a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller on your XDK.

Uncover the All-in-one platform and its endless possibilities.


Experience your XDK Node. A device fully packed with state of the art sensor technology and software packages ready to fulfill your IoT application needs. The XDK is not only a great prototyping platform but evolves continuously due to its great community of beginners and advanced XDK software developers.

Make your first step and take part discussing your ideas and projects to inspire others and get inspired. We will guide you step by step to make you successfully realize them.


The XDK Workbench is a great tool to start development right away. It is easy to install, compatible with most operating systems and automatically updates itself. To provide help when you need it the most, it also includes a direct interface to the XDK community and the XDK API documentation.

Together with the preset open source operating system FreeRTOs you are immediately able to begin building your first XDK real time IoT application. Using the provided APIs, the XDK offers you the possibility to involve all the hardware components you desire.